2 men arrested, one at large after Marlin Street shooting

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — One Alabama man is in the Bay County Jail, one is in the hospital and a third is on the loose after an early morning shooting in Panama City Beach.

Investigators say the 3 men showed up at a condo on Marlin Street, just off Thomas Drive, around 3:00 a.m. on Thursday. They were there to buy drugs. 

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“They called this local individual who was known to sell marijuana. They arranged a deal. He gave them the address, they came to the address, they exchanged, they purchased the marijuana, they left,” Bay County Sheriff Tommy Ford said.

But the men returned to the seller’s home, believing they’d been cheated. Authorities say the dealer refunded their money and took back the marijuana, but on the way out, one of the men allegedly tried to steal the pot. 

“The homeowner then locked the door with a third person inside. They became engaged in an argument,” Ford said.

When the homeowner went upstairs to get his gun, the third man opened the door and let his friends back inside. That’s when the shooting began. No one knows who shot first, but investigators say the man who attempted to steal the marijuana was shot in the stomach. 

“We recovered probably 22 to 23 casings from outside the residence and at least two from the homeowner’s weapon inside the residence. There were numerous bullet holes inside the townhouse,” Ford said.

Using BAYROC, deputies tracked the suspect’s vehicle to a Front Beach Road hotel. 

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“A tactical entry was made into that room where we discovered five individuals. Two were the people that were at the residence involved in the shooting. One had left the area. One was suffering from a gunshot wound. He’s at the hospital now recovering.”

They arrested the 2 men in the hotel. The one who was shot is in stable condition. 

Sheriff’s officials say the homeowner is cooperating with their investigator and is not being charged. If you have any information about the third suspect contact the sheriff’s office.

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