BamBam teases new GOT7 music: “All the songs are done”

GOT7 singer BamBam has teased new music from the boyband, revealing that “all the songs are done”.

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GOT7’s BamBam recently appeared on popular Thai YouTube channel WOODY, where he spoke about a potential reunion for the boyband and what fans could expect in the future.

The K-pop idol touched on the pressure he and the rest of the band feel when fans ask for a full group comeback, saying that “it would be about whether we’d be able to fulfil our promise to our fans or not”.

“We wanted to come back at [a specific] time, so we kept them waiting, which is just the pressure on ourselves about the timing,” he explained. “As for returning with seven people, I think it’s not too much pressure because every one of us would love to come back as seven people.”

However, BamBam mentioned that seeing as two GOT7 members are currently enlisted for South Korea’s mandatory military service – JAY B and Jinyoung – the group will have to wait until they return before they can release new music together.

That being said, BamBam did reassure fans that preparations are already underwar for a GOT7 comeback. “All the songs are done, they just need a perfect timing to come back,” he said, before further confirming that “all songs in the album are done”.

BamBam also added that the group actually have “a lot of options” because of all seven members currently working on their own music. “When we make our own solo music, sometimes after we finish, [we think] ‘Hey, this one fits GOT7’. We’d bring it to GOT7 to listen to and [decide if] it’s good to be in the list to be released,” he shared.

BamBam also discussed potential release windows, taking into account the fact that both JAY B and Jinyoung are set to be discharged from their service sometime around the end of the year. “Personally, I think the perfect timing for me is around the beginning of 2025 or maybe mid-2025,” he teased.

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