Billy Corgan and Fred Durst to host new shows on Bill Maher’s podcast network

Billy Corgan and Fred Durst have been announced as the hosts of new shows on Bill Maher’s podcast network.

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As per Variety, the two shows will operate under Maher’s Club Random flagship podcast, where they will host their own respective shows.

Limp Bizkit frontman Durst will reportedly centre his show around “UFOs and conspiracy theories”. No information has been given on the content of Corgan’s podcast.

Corgan and Durst have previously appeared on episodes of Club Random, with Maher telling Variety: “I never knew Fred or Billy, but something good happens there, and I can feel like I’m best friends for life with somebody who I just talked to for an hour and a half.

“That’s the quality we want — a nighttime feel.”

Billy Corgan and Fred Durst (Photo by Timothy Norris/Getty Images for The Recording Academy; Chris Saucedo/SXSW Conference & Festivals via Getty Images)

Corgan is also set to star in his own reality show as the president of the National Wrestling Alliance. The Smashing Pumpkins frontman has been president since 2017, and will appear in the “brand new unscripted untitled series about Corgan’s life, family, role as president of NWA, and his ‘day job’.”

Meanwhile, Maher recently had to shelve his two-hour interview with Kanye West, calling him “a very charming anti-Semite”: “I thought it was going to be a learning moment.”

Maher added: “The problem, I think, is that he appeals mostly — of course he’s a rock star — to young people. They don’t know much and they surely don’t know much about the Middle East or Jews. So the combination of Kanye out there — I feel like he was helpful for spreading the fertiliser, and I do mean fertiliser, for this idea that Israel and the Jews are the worst people in the world.”

In other news, Smashing Pumpkins have received over 10,000 applications for their new guitarist after announcing the departure of longtime member Jeff Schroeder last year.

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