Blondshell and Bully team up for the joyous grunge of ‘Docket’

Blondshell and Bully have collaborated for their newest single, the delightfully grungey ‘Docket’.

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The duo have come together to release ‘Docket’, which starts off as a slacker-rock joint and slowly progresses into a fearsome rock instrumental. It is the first new music of Blondshell (real name Sabrina Teitelbaum) since late 2023.

Speaking about the track, Blondshell said: “For me this is a song about splitting off from yourself. It’s about uncertainty when you’re in different environments all the time. In a way it’s about wanting to cope with distance and change but it’s also just a bit about being reckless.

“I had space on this song for another person and I kept hearing Bully’s voice on it,” she continued. “I’m a huge fan of hers and when I was touring last summer I couldn’t stop listening to her album. Honestly when we were sitting in the studio and I heard her voice coming through I was just kind of shocked and in awe of her. I’m really happy she said yes to making the song with me.”

Bully also added about her collaboration with Blondshell: “I’m a huge fan of Sabrina, I think she is incredible and I was over the moon that she asked me to be a part of her song. It makes me really happy seeing so many musicians in our indie world supporting and admiring one another. So thank you Sabrina and special shout out to her dog who I am a massive fan of as well.” Take a listen to ‘Docket’ below:

Last year, NME spoke to Blondshell about her self-titled debut album for our Cover series, where she spoke about her fears of being “too old” to be in music.

“There’s that horrible thing where people say you have to be under a certain age to be a musician, and I felt that because it was explicitly said to me,” she said. “The idea was always there through media and people talking about the music industry – there was always an emphasis on youth and this idea that you write your best songs before a certain age.”

We reviewed her debut and gave it five stars, calling it “a complete triumph in several ways.”

“Rarely do emerging artists receive the benefit of the doubt to change tack, recalibrate their sound and allow their lived experiences to develop and find their way into the music,” we wrote. “Too often is that creator pigeonholed or, worse, written off – and such could have been the case for Teitelbaum.

“Instead, we have one of the alternative rock albums of the year, and one to treasure tightly for quite some time.”

In other news, Blondshell has been announced for a string of festivals including Green Man, Hinterland and Governor’s Ball.

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