BoA responds to negative comments about her appearance: “Stop wasting your time”

South Korean singer BoA has responded to negative comments she has been receiving regarding her appearance, telling commenters to “stop wasting your time”.

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BoA has been the subject of criticism online recently regarding what netizens claim to be a ostensible change in the singer’s appearance, which first began when she made an appearance on the K-drama Marry My Husband.

Such comments resurfaced again when she posted a TikTok on March 27 of herself dancing to the chorus of her latest single, ‘Emptiness’. The video’s comment section is dominated by remarks on her appearance, with some writing that they “almost did not recognise BoA till I read the username”.


: 정말, (챌린지) 없니? : 아니, 있음! #BoA #보아 #정말없니 #Emptiness #정말Challenge없니

♬ 정말, 없니? Emptiness – BoA

Several days after the TikTok was uploaded, BoA herself took to her Instagram Stories to address the comments. “If I don’t take care of myself, you criticise me for not taking care of myself. When I do, you criticise me all the same,” BoA wrote, as translationed by Koreaboo

“If I put on a little bit of weight because you keep saying I lost too much and that I need to gain a little, then you criticise me for being ‘a pig’. I don’t know what you all look like, but don’t live like that. Stop wasting your time,” she added. “Also, I’m sorry, but I’m BoA.”

240329 | BoA responds to malicious comments about her appearance, via her IG story#BoA #보아

— BoA Source #Emptiness (@BoASource) March 29, 2024

The South Korean musician released her new song ‘Emptiness’ on March 26, marking her first music in a year and four months since the release of her third mini-album ‘Forgive Me’ in November 2022.

In the time between the releases, BoA was deeply involved in the production and debut of NCT’s latest and final unitNCT WISH. SM Entertainment made her involvement in the boyband’s debut public in January, telling press that she oversaw the production of the group’s music and performances.

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