Charli XCX teams up with Addison Rae and A.G. Cook on ‘Von Dutch’ remix

Charli XCX has teamed up wih Addison Rae and A.G. Cook for the remix of ‘Von Dutch’.

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The singer is gearing up to release her sixth album ‘Brat‘, which is set to drop this summer. So far she’s shared its first teaser ‘Von Dutch‘, which she released at the end of February.

Now, Charli has unveiled its official remix featuring longtime collaborator and producer A.G. Cook and TikTok superstar Addison Rae. The remix’s updated verses sees Charli trade lines with Rae as they sing: “I’m just living that life / While you’re sittin’ in your dad’s basement / Bet you’re disappointed that I’m shinin’”.

Listen to the ‘Von Dutch’ remix below:

Charli has previously hinted that her upcoming new album is a dance record and that it goes back to her roots in club music.

On X/Twitter, she wrote: “i was born to make dance music…i came from the clubs..xcx6 is the album i’ve always wanted to make.”

She also spoke to NME at the BRITs, calling the album “kind of bitchy and gossipy and hardcore and very club feeling. It’s definitely one for the girls who like to party and sweat and rave.”

Charli added: “I feel good about the music. Every artist says this about their new record but I really do feel like this is my best music [yet]. I’m super excited.”

‘Brat’ will serve as the follow up to 2022’s ‘Crash’, which NME rated four stars: “Since the beginning, we’ve seen Charli XCX trying on many guises, whether she’s referencing new-wave on ‘Sucker’ or teaming up with SOPHIE to craft an alien new interpretation of pop on her 2016 EP ‘Vroom Vroom’.

“One emotion that her music will never evoke is boredom, and even when her sights are trained on infiltrating mainstream pop, she’s still an artist with a knack for surprising. If ‘Crash’ really does mark the death of Charli XCX as a major label artist – what a way to go.”

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