Check out the Eurovision 2024 running order and who’s competing

The grand final of Eurovision is set to take place tonight (May 11) – check out the full running order and list of contestants below.

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Altogether, 37 countries entered the contest and were split in half to compete for a place in the finals across two semi finals on Tuesday (May 7) and Thursday (May 9). Tonight, 26 of them will perform in the final, with Big Five nations France, Spain, Germany, Italy, the UK and the host nation Sweden all going straight through.

Representing the UK this year is Olly Alexander, who will be performing his song ‘Dizzy’ which has been compared to the likes of the Pet Shop Boys’ ‘It’s A Sin’.

According to Eurovision World, the favourites to win the competition is Croatia, whose entry Baby Lasagna currently has a 42 per cent chance at snagging the crown this year with their song ‘Rim Tim Tagi Dim’.

The full running order for Eurovision 2024 is:

1. Sweden | Marcus & Martinus – ‘Unforgettable’
2. Ukraine | alyona alyona & Jerry Heil – ‘Teresa & Maria’
3. Germany | ISAAK – ‘Always On The Run’
4. Luxembourg | TALI – ‘Fighter’
5. Netherlands | Joost Klein – ‘Europapa’
6. Israel | Eden Golan – ‘Hurricane’
7. Lithuania | Silvester Belt – ‘Luktelk’
8. Spain | Nebulossa – ‘ZORRA’
9. Estonia | 5MIINUST x Puuluup – ‘(nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi’
10. Ireland | Bambie Thug – ‘Doomsday Blue’
11. Latvia | Dons – ‘Hollow’
12. Greece | Marina Satti – ‘ZARI’
13. United Kingdom | Olly Alexander – ‘Dizzy’
14. Norway | Gåte – ‘Ulveham’
15. Italy | Angelina Mango – ‘La Noia’
16. Serbia | TEYA DORA – ‘RAMONDA’
17. Finland | Windows95man – ‘No Rules!’
18. Portugal | iolanda – ‘Grito’
19. Armenia | LADANIVA – ‘Jako’
20. Cyprus | Silia Kapsis – ‘Liar’
21. Switzerland | Nemo – ‘The Code’
22. Slovenia | Raiven – ‘Veronika’
23. Croatia | Baby Lasagna – ‘Rim Tim Tagi Dim’
24. Georgia | Nutsa Buzaladze – ‘Firefighter’
25. France | Slimane – ‘Mon Amour’
26. Austria | Kaleen – ‘We Will Rave’

Eurovision Song Contest 2024 stage design. CREDIT: Eurovision

This year’s contest has been dogged with controversy following the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and its decision to allow Israel to compete amongst the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The move has been criticised as “cultural cover and endorsement for the catastrophic violence that Israel has unleashed on Palestinians” by organisations such as Queers for Palestine, who wrote an open letter to UK entry Olly Alexander to boycott the contest this year.

Recently, the European Broadcasting Union put out a statement to warn against the “abuse and harassment” artists were facing for their participation.

The Deputy Director of the EBU wrote that whilst the EBU “strongly” supports “freedom of speech and the right to express opinions in a democratic society”, “we firmly oppose any form of online abuse, hate speech, or harassment directed at our artists or any individuals associated with the contest.

Bambie Thug addressed the situation in a recent interview with NME, saying: “It’s a lot when I know that my heart is in the right place and when it’s not my decision. I have had to take a break from social media because it is weighing on me. A lot of stuff is completely nasty and uncalled for.

“As artists, we’re easy targets, but at the end of the day, I have said that I don’t think they made the right decision,” they continued. “I still stand by that. But people should be coming for the EBU and for the broadcasters, not us as artists. I stand by my statement and I am completely for Palestine, and I think it’s ridiculous that it’s gone on for so long. I think the world is quite removed from its heart and its consciousness right now.”

Meanwhile, Netherlands’ contestant Joost Klein was placed under investigation by the contest’s organisers yesterday  due to an unexplained “incident”.

The singer was not allowed to perform his song ‘Europapa’ during the final dress rehearsal in Malmö, Sweden and it is currently unknown whether he will be able to perform in the grand final.

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