Commissioner Johns pushes Food Trucks in Walton Co. parks

SANTA ROSA BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Walton County is looking at options to add food truck services at public parks.  

Commissioner Donna Johns brought forward a proposal at the Tuesday meeting to allow food trucks to operate at some South Walton parks.  

The county does not allow any concessions at parks unless it is contracted through groups like the South Walton Little League. 

Johns said she could see the service supporting families or visitors using areas like Legion Park or the new Paradise Park. 

“I don’t want to have three and four food trucks out there at one time. I really would like a managed program with a preferred vendor that could just be one truck that comes each week or whatever day, but to let people rotate and let’s support our small businesses,” Johns said. 

Commissioner Brad Drake said he’d like to see the program available to other areas of the county.  

Commissioner William McCormick said he does not support food trucks in Freeport parks but is open to options for other areas.  

“I don’t think we need them at the beach access, that is going to take up like four or five parking places,” Tony Anderson, district 5 commissioner said. “So let’s see how it works out and if it works out good, great. But then each of us can look at parks in our districts.”

The board will review options at the April 23 meeting in Santa Rosa Beach.  

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