Construction beginning soon for multi-use path in Bay County

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Bay County has approved plans for a second phase of a multi-use pathway in the beach area.

It will run along Magnolia Beach Boulevard, off Thomas Drive. The state gave the county a nearly $400,000 grant and the county will match a little over $100,000 using surtax funds for the project.

This is Phase Two of the multi-use path along Magnolia Beach Road, which is right near the Navy base.

“That particular area, Magnolia Beach Road, we have a lot of pedestrians, and keeping them out of the roadways is important, giving them a safe place to travel up and down the roadway,” Bay County Chief Infrastructure Officer Keith Bryant said. “This is well separated from the roadway, a lot of bicycling so it’s just any time we can build a multi-use path or sidewalk or bike lane, the county likes to do that, we’ve done several miles over the last few years.”

Construction is expected to begin in the next six months.

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