Diddy’s ex-girlfriend shares unseen CCTV footage of home raid and slams treatment of his sons

Diddy‘s ex-girlfriend has shared unseen CCTV footage of the federal raid of the rapper’s home in Los Angeles, and criticised the authorities’ treatment of his sons.

Misa Hylton – who is the mother of Diddy’s sons Justin Combs (30) and Christian Combs (aka King Combs, aged 25) – shared the video on her Instagram page yesterday (Tuesday, April 2).

In the caption, she hit out at the “overzealous and overtly militarised force” that was used against the two brothers, saying that such action was “deplorable”.

“If these were the sons of a non-Black celebrity, they would not have been handled with the same aggression,” Hylton wrote. “The attempt to humiliate and terrorise these innocent young BLACK MEN is despicable!”

She continued: “Enough is Enough! Did Justin need several laser beams from firearms pointed at his chest?? Did Christian need a gun pointed at the back of his head while he was handcuffed??

“How many times have we seen young UNARMED BLACK MEN not make it out of these types of situations alive??”

Hylton added: “My son’s Attorney Jeffrey Lichtman is investigating the excessive use of force which was unnecessary and certainly not required by this search warrant. We will fight for justice utilising every imaginable resource.”

She concluded: “I’m not with the propaganda!!!!” See the video and Hylton’s message in the post above.

The home security footage shows heavily armed Homeland Security personnel making their way through the LA property, handcuffing the occupants and pointing guns at those inside – including Justin and Christian.

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ home in Miami was also raided on the same day (March 25), seemingly in connection with a series of ongoing investigations regarding alleged sex trafficking, sexual assault and harassment.

Per CNN, it has yet to be confirmed if Combs was a specific target of the raids, or if the searches of his properties were part of a larger investigation.

In response, his lawyer labelled the raids “a witch hunt” that was a “gross use of military-level force”.

“There is no excuse for the excessive show of force and hostility exhibited by authorities or the way his children and employees were treated,” said his attorney Aaron Dyer.

“Mr. Combs was never detained but spoke to and cooperated with authorities. Despite media speculation, neither Mr. Combs nor any of his family members have been arrested nor has their ability to travel been restricted in any way.

“This unprecedented ambush – paired with an advanced, coordinated media presence – leads to a premature rush to judgment of Mr. Combs and is nothing more than a witch hunt based on meritless accusations made in civil lawsuits.”

The rapper posted on Instagram last Sunday (March 31) for the first time since the raids took place. Sharing photographs of his 17-month-old daughter, Love, he wrote: “HAPPY EASTER from Baby Love.” Comments on Diddy’s Instagram profile are currently disabled.

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