Halsey reveals she’s “lucky to be alive” after health struggles as she shares new single ‘The End’

Halsey has said she’s “lucky to be alive” after experiencing difficulties with her health and shared her new single ‘The End’.

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In a post on Instagram, the artist shared a carousel of photos and videos of them at various points of their treatment. One saw them in a mask on “day one” of her treatment, while another was a montage of them in a hospital at various points.

In the first video, she is seen saying: “I feel like an old lady. I told myself I’m giving myself two more years to be sick. I’m 30, I’m having a rebirth and I’m not going to be sick, I’m going to look super hot and have lots of energy and I’m just going to get to redoing my twenties and my thirties.”

“long story short, i’m Lucky to be alive. short story long, i wrote an album,” she wrote in the caption. “it begins with The End. out now.” The charities Lupus Research Alliance and Leukemia & Lymphoma Society were tagged in the caption.

The song is a minimalistic acoustic guitar ballad that explores Halsey’s health struggles – “Every couple of years now, a doctor says I’m sick/Pulls out a brand new bag of tricks/And then they lay it on me,” they sing. These also intersect with the story of a new romance – “I finally found a lover/Who’s better for my liver, and now I’ll finally recover.”

Halsey is donating proceeds from ‘The End’ to both charities.

Check it out below:

The artist has also been teasing a new album via a cryptic new website under the name  For My Last Trick. It features a number of vintage-themed items and stickers with phrases including ‘Master Mystifier’, ‘You Won’t Find Me Here’, ‘Southern Belle’, ‘Candy’ and more. Fans online are speculating that these could be new song titles.

There is also a sticker that reads: ‘I have something you tell you’. When fans click on this, it takes you to an email sign-up link. When you click on a ticket stub, a vintage letter, dated July 1971, unfolds. It reads: “Hello, it’s Halsey. It’s been a while.”

“As you may have guessed, I have written a new album. But I needed some time to figure out how to say what I needed to say. You see, I’ve been holding [REDACTED] and I need to let it out.”

The letter continues: “There’s so much I am going to reveal on this record, but you need to know some of the story first. So before the chaos and confetti of big singles and album releases I just needed to tell you, my friend, why it all matters this time. I’m releasing a new song on June 4. It’s just for us. Let’s start at THE END.”

Halsey opened up last September about working on her first record under new label Columbia Records. “Not pictured: me splitting myself in two everyday so that I can give you my deepest wounds (and a handful of perfect joys) for the fifth time in 10 years,” Halsey wrote on Instagram.

Back in March, Halsey also revealed that she was working on new music in the studio alongside Alex G. The singer posted a brief snippet of music to her social media platforms, depicting Alex G sitting at a production desk, with Halsey behind the camera saying, “Engineer Alex”.

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