It looks like Metallica are coming to ‘Fortnite’ for a gig

Metallica could be coming to Fortnite, according to a note found in the battle royale’s backend code.

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According to Fortnite reporter Shiina, one fan found a text file in Fortnite’s backend that read “used in CH5S3 Metallica Concert”, which seemingly confirms a Metallica gig will take place at some point during Fornite’s current Chapter 5 Season 3. The new season kicked off May 24 and is set to run until August 16.

Metallica fans have been able to purchase the Master Of Puppets emote since late 2022 and earlier this week, it was confirmed by developers that ‘Master Of Puppets’ was due to be added to Fortnite Festival, making it the longest jam track in the game.


This was confirmed to be the full 9 Minutes from a Harmonix Dev

Thanks to @beestinging7 for pointing this out!

— BeastFNCreative • Fortnite Leaks (@BeastFNCreative) June 4, 2024

It’s yet to be confirmed how a “Metallica concert” will be added to Fortnite but many fans are speculating that the band could be the fourth headline act of Fortnite Festival.

Fortnite Festival is a dedicated rhythm game that emulates the likes of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. It has previously been headlined by Lady Gaga and The Weeknd, with Billie Eilish the current headliner. These collaborations typically bring unique artist-inspired instruments, quests and characters to game, alongside select cuts from their back catalogue.

CONFIRMED: A Metallica concert in Battle Royale will take place later during Chapter 5 – Season 3

Epic Games accidentally left a text in the files that says “Used in CH5S3 Metallica Concert”

(Thanks to @elbuffaloart for making me aware of this in DMs!)

— Shiina (@ShiinaBR) June 3, 2024

Eilish’s reign as headliner is set to end June 13, with Metallica rumoured to be taking that crown afterwards. However, in recent years artists like Travis Scott, Marshmello, Diplo and Ariana Grande have also performed live concerts in the main Fortnite game.

Metallica aren’t the only metal band wanting to be involved with Fortnite Festival either. Last night (June 4) DragonForce guitarist Herman Li said he wanted the band’s music to be added to the rhythm game via a Twitch stream. He also offered to re-record ‘Through The Fire & Flames’ for Epic Games, with the track one of the most infamous from the Guitar Hero series.

Herman Li said on his Twitch stream that he would love to have DragonForce in Fortnite, and is even willing to rerecord Through The Fire and Flames for the game.


— Jake (@aWiseMoose) June 4, 2024

Last month, Epic Games removed the recently-added Chains Of Hades weapon from Fortnite’s tournament mode, after Doja Cat complained about the weapon. “If you’re horrible and garbage at Fortnite make sure you grab a Chains of Hades whip to pass the time,” she wrote on social media.

She went on to add that people who use other Myths and Mortals weapons like the Wings Of Icarus and Thunderbolt Of Zeus were “perfectly fine”.

In other news Summer Games Done Quick, the annual speedrunning marathon that raises money for charity, has announced a strong mix of classics and newer hits for its summer schedule.

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