Listen to Dylan’s explosive new single ‘Perfect Revenge’ 

Dylan has dropped a high-energy new single called ‘Perfect Revenge’. Check it out below.

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Released today (June 6), the dates come on the heels of the 24-year-old’s recent headline tour across the UK, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and North America.

With ‘Perfect Revenge’, the singer brings out her knack for delivering sharp-tongued lyrics in full force – and the lyrics explore the feeling of obsession and wanting something you can’t have.

It was written alongside her regular collaborators Mati Schwarz and Vera Carlbom in Los Angeles, and came together while she was on tour across the country with Ed Sheeran.

You, you’re so sweet/ You’re making me seem bitter/ Yeah you, pull me in to leave me like a sinner,” Dylan sings in the opening lines, and the track comes alongside a music video which sees her look straight into the camera.

Describing the track, Dylan said: “I understand that there is power in being the bigger person, and that ‘the best revenge is to have enough self-worth to not seek it’…but sometimes that is not always the answer.

“My perfect revenge is releasing a song called ‘Perfect Revenge’. I am hoping the person the song is about will hear it everywhere they go, making me completely inescapable. You can run, but you can’t hide!”

The latest single comes as the follow-up to the track ‘The Alibi’, which Dylan released earlier this year and described as an ode to Bonnie and Clyde.

“’The Alibi’ is my Bonnie and Clyde anthem. Except I nearly let Clyde ruin my life. For me the song was written about having to let go of a relationship that meant a lot to me – despite it not being a healthy one – and wanting to express how much that person still meant to me after,” Dylan explained at the time.

“I think the hardest kind of breakup is when you still think the absolute world of someone after it’s over. It’s taken a year to get this song right but I knew it was special the minute we wrote the first version. 10 versions later, it’s more of a celebration of love rather than loss.”

Since then, Dylan sat down with NME and hinted to fans about what they could expect from the new material, as well as her hopes for the future.

Speaking backstage at BBC Radio One’s Big Weekend in Luton, the singer revealed that her long-awaited debut album was coming “very soon” and is “the perfect representation of my personality”

“It’s very in your face… it’s a lot. [It’s] pop music, but you can tell that I was brought up with rock‘n’roll”.

She was also asked about her plans for the rest of the year, to which the Suffolk artist replied that she is feeling more ambitious than ever. “I want to headline Wembley [Stadium] one day,” she explained. “I did it with Ed [Sheeran] and that has really given me the hunger.”

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