Now The Ting Tings have gone country too on new song ‘Danced On The Wire’

The Ting Tings have teased a new country-inspired track called ‘Dance On The Wire’ – check out the teaser below.

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The band shared the clip on their social media last week and the track seems to lean towards country, at a time when artists like Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Post Malone are all making country music albums.

The indie-pop duo, made up of Katie White and Jules De Martino, hit top spot in the UK with their debut hit, ‘That’s Not My Name’. Upon its release in 2008, the song went viral and has sold over one million copies to date.

Back in 2022, the song went viral once more – this time on TikTok after it became the soundtrack to videos by the likes of The Rock, Drew Barrymore and others.

Speaking to Variety about the resurgence of the track at the time, White said: “We’re [not good] at social media. I learned it was happening from my family.”

“I didn’t think TikTok was really for us,” the singer and guitarist added, “but now we will probably use it for our next album.”

“We’re thrilled,” De Martino added. “It’s amazing to see people interact with our song. Early in our career, someone said, ‘You’ve written one of those songs that’s just going to keep on going.’ And they were right, it just keeps coming around.”

The band have released four albums to date including their 2008 debut, ‘We Started Nothing’, followed by ‘Sounds From Nowheresville’ (2012), ‘Super Critical’ (2014) and ‘The Black Light’ – the band’s last album – in 2018.

Now, the band have also teased that ‘Danced On The Wire’ is part of a larger project, with a new album seemingly on the way.

In a new post on Instagram, the band wrote: “And we are on the move. Saying goodbye to these Ibiza skies for a couple of weeks whilst we road trip to London to master our record @abbeyroadstudios.”

They added: “We are going to be posting different pieces of the new songs with visuals we just made here in ibiza. Let us know your thoughts! We are watching comments to decide which one to put out into the world first,” hinting that more new tracks will be arriving soon. Check out the posts above.

The Ting Tings’ new music comes at a time when country music is having a resurgence. Beyonce released her new album ‘Cowboy Carter’ on Friday (March 29) which contains covers of Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’, and features artists including Willie Nelson and Nancy Sinatra.

Taylor Swift is also gearing up to release a country album next month with ‘The Tortured Poets Department’, while Post Malone is reportedly gearing up to make a new country album too. He’s covered country songs in the past and features on both Beyonce and Swift’s new albums. Lana Del Rey has also ventured into the genre recently and is releasing a new country album called ‘Lasso’ later this year.

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