Oasis to celebrate 30 years of ‘Supersonic’ by re-releasing physical single

Oasis are set to celebrate the 30th anniversary of ‘Supersonic’ by re-releasing the track as a physical single.

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The track was initially released on April 11, 1994, and was the debut single from the Britpop icons – later appearing on their now iconic first studio album ‘Definitely Maybe’.

Although going on to be one of the most successful songs in their discography, the song was originally based as a demo and was reportedly written by Noel Gallagher in the studio, while the other members were on a lunch break.

It was recorded in a single day at the Pink Museum Studio in Liverpool on December 19, 1993, and produced by Oasis with their live sound engineer, Mark Coyle.

Now, 30 years after it was first shared, Liam Gallagher has confirmed that the band will be re-sharing it as a physical release.

“To celebrate 30 years of Supersonic, the original CD single and a limited edition pearl-coloured and numbered 7” release on April 12th, 2024,” he wrote in a new post on Instagram this morning (March 20).

He also told fans to check out the Stories shared on his page to find details on the new edition of the track. Pre-orders for the reissue can be found here.

According to tour DJ Phil Smith, the song alone cost just £100 to produce as it was never re-recorded following the demo take, and featured vocals recorded in one take by Liam Gallagher. The single reached Number 31 on the UK Singles Chart and Number Two on the UK Independent Singles Chart, as well as becoming the band’s first track to chart in the US.

Originally, it was ‘Bring It on Down’ that was set to be Oasis’ debut single, however, the recording session for the track was ultimately abandoned due to a disagreement over McCarroll’s drumming. From there, they tried to record a studio version of ‘I Will Believe’ for the lead single, but this was reportedly dismissed because it sounded like an early ‘80s indie pop song.

The re-release of the track as a physical single comes following Noel Gallagher confirming that there would be a reissue of Oasis’ debut LP ‘Definitely Maybe’ album arriving this year to mark the milestone.

Liam Gallagher also has plans to celebrate the anniversary of the band’s breakthrough album – set to embark on a UK tour later this year where he will play the tracklist in full for fans.

Ahead of the shows, Liam also claimed that he asked Noel to reunite for the upcoming run of dates, but he “turned it down”.

For the most part, the brothers have had a largely on-again-off-again approach to the idea of a reunion. In a cover interview with NME, Liam claimed that an Oasis reunion was “gonna happen very soon”. Additionally, back in January 2023, Noel also caught fans’ attention when he claimed that he would “never say never” to the idea.

A dampener was later added to the debate, when Liam accused his brother and former bandmate of doing “a lot of damage to Oasis as a band”. Former guitarist Bonehead also weighed in on the debate, and said that he would like the reunion to go ahead because of what it would mean to the “younger fans”.

More recently, Liam said that he can see Noel “not looking back in anger” over the argument that led to Oasis’ split, and offered to “send him a box of chocolates” to reunite.

Visit here for remaining tickets to the ‘Definitely Maybe’ anniversary tour dates.

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