Old man sings Drowning Pool’s ‘Bodies’ at karaoke, goes viral on TikTok: “This is who I aspire to be in life”

An elderly man has gone viral after performing Drowning Pool’s nu-metal hit ‘Bodies’ at a karaoke bar. 

The gentleman, who is named Dennis, has racked up over half a million views on TikTok for his ageless rendition of the track. 

‘Bodies’ was released in May 2001, and it was taken from Drowning Pool’s debut album ‘Sinner’, remaining the Dallas band’s biggest hit to date. 

Check out Dennis’ interpretation of the song below: 


Dennis ate this up fr!! #hopecore #eastlansing #crunchys #michiganstate

♬ original sound – Kate

Many people have commented on Dennis’ performance, with one noting that “Dennis is…who I aspire to be in life”. 

“I love that he obviously knew the song already,” posted another. 

“He sounds like Big Bird to me and that makes it even better,” wrote somebody else. 

Others have compared it favourably to the original, with one suggesting that their generation will be replicating Dennis’s version in the future. 

“This is gunna be our generation in the nursing homes,” they added. 

Back in 2016, an 82-year-old Navy veteran John Hetlinger also shot to viral fame when he performed the same song on America’s Got Talent, and then joined Drowning Pool on stage the following month in Chicago

Describing how he first heard Hetlinger’s performance, guitarist CJ Pierce said: “I picked up my phone and I got a handful of texts from a number of people because I guess it got out yesterday ahead of the airing.” 

“We had a band group text on there as well, and then I watched it, and man, I am so entertained by it. It’s awesome to just see an 82-year-old man get out there and just belt out some metal — whether it was our song or any song, it was just killer to see him do that.” 

The nu-metal band released their most recent album, ‘Strike a Nerve’, in 2022, their seventh studio record in total. 

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