Olivia Rodrigo shares a snippet of unreleased song via her fan hotline

Olivia Rodrigo has changed the message on her fan hotline answering machine, which now includes a snippet of her unreleased song ‘Obsessed’.

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In 2021, after the release of her critically-acclaimed debut album ‘SOUR’, the pop star launched the Sour Heartbreak Hotline where fans could listen to a preview of the record. Since then, the hotline has continued to tease many of Rodrigo’s tracks including the lead single for her second album ‘GUTS’, ‘Vampire’.

This week, fans have discovered that a snippet of ‘Obsessed’ is now been played on the hotline. You can now hear Rodrigo harmonising with herself, singing “Da da-da-da da-da-da” before screaming with increasing intensity. Have a listen below.


— v (@ViralThingz) March 19, 2024

The song was initially released exclusively on limited editions of the ‘GUTS’ vinyl as a ‘hidden track.’ Additionally, Rodrigo has included ‘Obsessed’ in her current setlist for the ‘GUTS’ tour – which kicked off on February 23 in Palm Springs, California. The sultry pop-rock song sees Rodrigo singing about becoming fixated on a partner’s ex: “If I told you how much I think about her / You’d think I was in love”.

There is currently no release date for the single to appear on digital streaming platforms.

Obsessed by Olivia Rodrigo pic.twitter.com/gcSO4I7y4g

— Art (@artisgayyy) March 10, 2024

Rodrigo’s ‘GUTS’ tour has been in the headlines recently due to free contraception being given out during the singer’s stop in Missouri, where abortion has been banned in most cases after Roe v. Wade was overturned in 2022. The kits included two Plan B pills, condoms as well as information on finding and funding abortion care in the United States and a phone number to assist those seeking to terminate a pregnancy.

After the move angered many Republican figures, including “horrified” Missouri state senator Bill Eigel, local abortion organisers revealed they are no longer allowed to hand out contraceptive kits at Rodrigo’s concerts.

As the father of a daughter, I am horrified by this. Olivia Rodrigo passed out an abortifacient at her concert in St. Louis last night. This was sponsored by the “Missouri Abortion Fund.” Many of her fans are CHILDREN.

Abortion hurts women. Physical damage of course, but also… https://t.co/PYBQqJTqw5

— Bill Eigel (@BillEigel) March 13, 2024

Speaking to Variety, one organiser claimed that Rodrigo’s team said they didn’t want the kits to be handed out as “children are present at the concerts.”

In a comment to Rolling Stone, the Missouri Abortion Fund further explained, “It was our decision to pass out EC [emergency contraceptives].”

Rodrigo’s team still haven’t publicly commented on the situation.

The singer announced in February that she was launching a reproductive rights initiative on tours. This included donating a portion of her ticket sales to ‘Fund 4 Good’, which will “directly support community-based non-profits that champion things like girls’ education, support reproductive rights, and prevent gender-based violence.”

In addition, a National Network of Abortion Funds booth would be present at every show on her North American leg. You can find the remaining dates on her tour and ticket information here.

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