Ozzy Osbourne is “dying to make more music” with producer Andrew Watt

Ozzy Osbourne has admitted that he’s been ‘dying to make more music’ with producer Andrew Watt.

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Watt produced Osbourne’s two most recent solo albums, 2020’s ‘Ordinary Man’ and 2022’s ‘Patient No. 9’, but while the former Black Sabbath frontman is eager to hit the ground running, he said in a recent interview that Watt was busy working with Lady Gaga.

“I’ve always gotta be doing something, or it drives me crazy,” he told Rolling Stone [via Music News]. “I’ve got a haunted head.”

“I’m waiting for [producer] Andrew Watt to give me a call,” he continued. “He’s been working with Lady Gaga. I’m dying to make more music.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Osbourne said his wait to see if he was going to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame as a solo artist is “driving me mad”.

“It’s an honour that I’m nominated, but I’m not expecting to get in,” he said. There’s Mariah Carey, there’s Cher, Lenny Kravitz. I’m up against some serious people. If I get in, I get in. If I don’t, I don’t.”

This year’s list of inductees will be announced in April.

He also addressed his retirement from touring, which he announced last year on account of various health issues. Osbourne said that he would love to play live again but still struggles to “stand up right”.

“Maybe I’ll do something one day. I miss it terribly,” he said. Asked if he could manage a shorter performance at the induction ceremony, he added: “Maybe. We’ll see.”

According to his wife Sharon earlier this year, Osbourne was looking into the prospect of playing “two more shows to say goodbye” before he fully retires from performing live.

Earlier this week, Sharon also said that Osbourne “has always been inappropriate with women”. She also said that when they attempted to have marriage counselling, they only lasted half an hour.

“We have a nurse at home, quite a large Russian lady, and she bent over him and he goes, ‘Tell me, did you breastfeed your kids?’ And I’m like, ‘You cannot say those things now. The world today is different. You cannot talk to a woman like that. You can get into trouble.’,” she said.

“He goes, ‘But for what?’ There’s no filter at all. He’s got Tourette’s with the truth. It just comes out.”

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