Rutherford JROTC instructor has students flying high

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – Major Patrick Bass has been the JROTC instructor at Rutherford High School for over four years now.

In that time, while impacting hundreds of cadets, his mission has not changed.

“I feel that it is an obligation that we as JROTC instructors, we’re going to show them and teach them manners, etiquette, being polite to others, showing and doing random acts of kindness,” said Bass. “When they get into the real world outside of the high school area, then they at least will know that at some point they have someone in their life to teach them right from wrong and the way of the world.”

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While his course content is important Major Bass always ensures that his students are enjoying their time in his classroom.

“He does not let the classroom get boring. He allows you to be interactive, he makes jokes,” said Rutherford JROTC Cadet Vanessa Mayberry. “He works really hard to make sure that we’re all happy.

Major Bass and his students spend just as much time outside the classroom together as they do inside it.

Whenever someone in the community needs assistance, they know who to call.

“People are calling us to assist over here, over there, we do color guard events, we work football games, we do cleanups, we help with fairs,” Bass added. “Whenever there’s a need in the community, the people always call on JROTC cadets because they know we’re dependable and we will get the job done.”

Major Bass is always leading by example, never asking his students to do something he wouldn’t do himself.

If anything it helps him further strengthen the bond he has with his cadets, which is what they enjoy most about the program.

“The camaraderie with the other cadets in the program and just the opportunities that major gives us through service events and all of that,” Rutherford JROTC Cadet Jackson Summers went on to say. “He shows up and is there to mentor and guide us through all of it.

At the end of the day, Major Bass hopes all his cadets take what they’ve learned in his classroom out into the world.

“I like to say we teach life skills, but what we primarily are designed to do is to teach the students how to be better citizens of character,” Bass said.

That is why Major Patrick Bass is a Class Act.

If there is someone who you believe is a class act don’t wait, nominate them now.

Everyone who works in a school system is eligible for this award.

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