Speed cameras coming to school zones in Niceville

NICEVILLE, Fla. (WMBB) — In July of 2023, Florida legislation passed a statute allowing speed cameras in school zones.

“Florida had a recent legislation change which enabled the municipalities to put in school zone safety programs because the pedestrian fatality rates are so high,” Altumint CEO Holly Cooper said.

Just a few weeks ago a company called Verra Mobility ran a commercial on News 13 and the city of Niceville has partnered with Altumint to put cameras in their school zones.

“Communities can now implement speed safety camera programs to educate drivers, reduce dangerous behavior, and protect our children. Verra Mobility is here to help. We’re dedicated to working with Florida communities to enhance road safety and lives. For more information please visit verramobility.Com/floridasafezones,” the commercial ad said.

While Panama City tabled bringing cameras into their school zones, further west, the city of Niceville will begin using them by next school year.

“I was alarmed by the results of these studies and the company that we ended up contracting with their speed study showed that there were 5824 speeders per day during the speed study and it was during the school year in August,” Niceville City Manager David Deitch said.

Altumint’s radar system will operate 30 minutes before school zones start and stay on until 30 minutes after school gets out.

Any car driving more than 10 miles per hour at the posted speed limit will be flagged.

“I want to make sure that we are protecting the kids and the pedestrians and our communities in the best way we can, while also helping the police to support what they need to do o this technology helps police resources,” Cooper said.

“We understand that there are going to be some negative issues with some citizens that are going to look at it as just a speed trap versus looking at it through our eyes, which is the children. Safety is paramount for us” Niceville Police Chief Rob Lovering said.

The police department will have discretion before a speeding fine is sent to anyone.

Each citation will be $100. $60 goes to the municipality or county, $20 goes to the Department of Revenue, $12 goes to the school district, $5 goes to the Crossing Guard Training & Retention Program, and $3 goes to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

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