Watch Drake mimic shooting Travis Scott during fiery ‘Meltdown’ performance

Footage has emerged of Drake mimicking shooting Travis Scott during a performance of ‘Meltdown’.

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In the clip, which you can view below, the former is rapping the lyrics to his collaboration with the latter at Penn State University Park before pointing his arm towards a giant backdrop of Scott’s head to the sound of fake gunshots.

It comes after Scott encouraged Future and Metro Boomin to debut their Drake diss track, ‘Like That’, at Rolling Loud California days ahead of its release, earlier this month.

On the track, Kendrick Lamar takes aim at Drake and J Cole, seemingly responding to the latter’s verse on ‘First Person Shooter’ from Drake’s 2023 album ‘For All The Dogs’.


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Love when they argue the hardest MC / Is it K-Dot? Is it Aubrey? Or me? / We the big three like we started a league, but right now, I feel like Muhammad Ali,” J Cole rapped on the track, with “K-Dot” referring to Lamar.

However, on ‘Like That’, Lamar seems to dismiss the idea that they’re in the same league, saying: “Motherfuck the big three, n****, it’s just big me/ N****, bum, What? I’m really like that/And your best work is a light pack.

He also went on to liken their rivalry to the ‘80s conflict between Prince and Michael Jackson.

Drake has since appeared to have weighed in on his opinion on Lamar’s comments.

“A lot of people asking me how I’m feeling… the way I’m feeling is the same way I want you to walk out of here feeling tonight about your fucking selves. You know the way I’m feeling? I got my head up high, my back straight, I’m feeling 10 feet fucking high,” he said.

“No matter where I go, there’s not a n**** on this Earth that can fuck with me tonight. And that’s how I want y’all to feel…” he added. “You can get yourselves gasses up, riled up and move to the future…Sometimes you’ve got to acknowledge the mistakes you’ve made in the past… and that’s what I want y’all to do.”

Last week he also took to Instagram to share a cryptic message aimed at his rivals.

“They rather go to war with me than admit they are their own worst enemy,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, Drake recently sought to be dismissed from the ongoing litigation over the crowd crush tragedy at Scott’s 2021 Astroworld festival.

While the lawsuits mostly targeted Scott and the event’s organisers, Drake – a surprise guest during the set at the Houston festival – was initially questioned for several hours in a deposition tied to hundreds of lawsuits filed in Harris County after the crowd rush.

Drake was named in various lawsuits despite him asserting that he had no involvement in the planning or the organisation.

However, in a motion filed on March 8 in Houston court, attorneys for the Canadian rapper – real name Aubrey Drake Graham – argued that he should not be involved at all.

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